• Calves Terneros

    Cute Calves

    When the cow has its young, they are known as calves until they reach little more than two years of birth. These little animals look very cute; In Venezuela it is common that although their name indicates that they are…

  • turpial aruba

    Turpial │Photography and Reflection

      When through photography we capture a subject (however minimal it may seem), with the passing of time that photo could move us to a set of sensations and memories. As an example of this, I leave you a beautiful…

  • baby beach aruba seagull

    Baby Beach | Aruba Paradise

    Paradisiacal! Is the word with which I can describe the incredible beauty of Baby Beach, located in Aruba Island, Caribbean Sea. I went with my husband, —I love that he loves to travel, as well as me. We decided to…

  • Travel Advice

    Low Cost Airlines | Travel Advice

    Traveling at low cost is possible, there are different options that allow us save money to reduce our budget, among which are low cost airlines. The first time I heard about this I wondered about security. So, I did a…

  • balsa muisca bogota

    Bogotá’s Gold Museum

    Recently, I visited Colombian capital with my husband and we were delighted with the beauty of the city. We stayed in the north zone, near shopping centers, stores and restaurants, but we could not stop visiting the historic center of…

  • vacation motivation
    Travel Advice

    Do you give priority to your vacation?

    It is common for many of us to associate vacation only with take a trip, we come to think that why take a break, if we are not going to travel? We forget to give ourselves a time of well-being disconnected…