• Travel

    Debod Temple

    The Egyptian culture allways has been captivates my attention, Egypt is one of countries in my list of destinations to explore, I would love to travel the pyramids of Giza! Believe me that when I do I will share the…

  • Rome

    Sunset in Rome

    Rome and its history capture the attention of millions of tourists, who year after year seek to know the squares, churches, restaurants and monuments are preserved in the city. The charms of the Italian capital are undoubted. I have fond…

  • Sugarloaf Mountain pao de azucar

    Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro offers fascinating views, one of which I found when I got on the Sugarloaf Mountain cable car. From there I saw the amazing city surrounded by the stunning sea, a combination that captivates our senses. Rio de…

  • mochima paseo

    Boat Ride, Mochima

      Dear readers, today I share a photo I took during a boat trip I made at Mochima National Park, located between the States: Sucre and Anzoategui in Venezuela. It was a rewarding activity where I could observe beautiful landscapes…

  • Calves Terneros

    Cute Calves

    When the cow has its young, they are known as calves until they reach little more than two years of birth. These little animals look very cute; In Venezuela it is common that although their name indicates that they are…