Debod Temple

The Egyptian culture allways has been captivates my attention, Egypt is one of countries in my list of destinations to explore, I would love to travel the pyramids of Giza! Believe me that when I do I will share the photos with you. So how could I stop visiting the only Egyptian Monument in Spain, being in the wonderful city of Madrid? I’m talking about the Temple of Debod.

A gift from Egypt to Spain! Amazing, right?

Debod Temple

According to official data this ancient monument is more than 2000 years old and was given by the Egyptian Government to Spain, where it was rebuilt and preserved. Nowadays it is part of tourist attractions for the city. 

Admission is free and it’s open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Debod Temple Madrid Spain
A lateral view of Debod Temple

How to get?¿

The monument is located very close to the famous Spain Square, so you can take the metro line to the square station and walk to the Temple, it’s one of the most recommended options, above the taxi and bus.

In my case, that day I enjoyed a long and fun walk with my traveling companions, we did not have a specific plan for the day. Then, we start from Great Way, we go through the Royal Palace, (which I hope to write a post soon) and continue until we find the spectacular Egyptian arquitecture: Debod Temple.

The day was cloudy, but I took the opportunity and capture some pictures. Today I’m happy to share with you, so that you know a bit of Egypt in heart of the Spanish capital.

The Architecture

Debod Temple seemed fascinating to me, the architecture is based on blocks of stone with a central platform surrounded by water that simulates a river. This looked amazing! It’s a quiet place, where you can spend time with family/friends, in fact different cultural activities are performed there.

Debod Temple Madrid Spain
Front view of Debod Temple

Final Reflection

It’s an ideal place to enjoy the sunset in Madrid, at the end of the afternoon, temple is illuminated, which adds a certain magic to the visit.

I’ll gladly read your comments.

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