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Turpial │Photography and Reflection


When through photography we capture a subject (however minimal it may seem), with the passing of time that photo could move us to a set of sensations and memories.

As an example of this, I leave you a beautiful turpial, which curiously I did not photograph in Venezuela. When I look at it I relive the wonders of nature, like the breeze on my body, the rays of the sun, the subtle sound of calm waters and the song of the birds of that afternoon during my trip to Aruba, the Happy Island.

This splendid specimen is the National Bird of Venezuela. In dry places like Aruba, it is usually stopped in Sebucán type cactus to feed on its fruit. It has a combination of colors that make it exotic, its head and neck are black, the body is yellow almost orange, its wings have white stripes and the outline of its eyes is blue. It really is a charm!


Personal Photo, Canon PC1680

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