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Traveling at low cost is possible, there are different options that allow us save money to reduce our budget, among which are low cost airlines. The first time I heard about this I wondered about security. So, I did a little research and yes, reduction of ticket prices is not associated with lower safety standards compliance. —What a relief!


Low Cost Airlines

travel low cost


As its name implies, are airlines that were raised as a business model, sell tickets at price below the main trademarks’ average, reducing expenses in fuel (sometimes criticized), personnel, space between seats and others.


Now, if you are a traveler for whom the fact of knowing a new place is above certain luxuries and/or amenities, this type of airline is for you.



My experience and recommendation

  • These are ideal airlines for short flights and with little baggage. 
  • Pleasant attention and flight management.
  • I got significant savings in my budget.
  • The size of the seat was not a problem for me, it is true that they have small space but still provide comfort. (I’m not demanding in this, what most excites me when traveling, is destination I’m going to meet).
  • Really the experience was very good, so I recommend them.

In Europe:

  • Ryanair: I used this transportation for my Madrid – Paris trip, at that time I added a checked suitcase and in the same way, ticket’s cost was low.
  • Vueling: with this company I traveled Paris-Rome, I remember that they offered food service with additional cost during flight, I did not use it, but I added checked baggage.


low cost travel

In Latin America

  • Wingo:  This Colombian airline is relatively new and belongs to Copa, it is a very good option for flights in South America. My flight was Caracas – Bogotá without mishap, ticket included a hand luggage and a checked baggage.

Other low cost airlines

  • EasyJet
  • Air Berlin
  • Wizz Air
  • Transavia
  • Southwest
  • Spirit

What should we take into consideration?

  • Baggage: usually, ticket includes only carry-on baggage, but allow you to include checked bag for additional costs. In addition, we must be attentive with weight and dimensions allowed.
  • Check in: it is opportune to do it online, to avoid additional charges.
  • Print ticket previously: many demand it, so it’s good to have ticket with our identification documents.
  • Food during flight: meals and drinks are not usually included in price, it is important to take forecasts.
  • Comfort: these airlines usually use small planes, with tight space between seats. But, believe me, it’s nothing to worry about.

Final reflection

Low cost airlines every day have a greater market share, these are an excellent option. My suggestion is to carefully read terms and conditions to avoid additional charges.

travel low cost

Tell me, Do you have traveled in one of them?

How was your experience?



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