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Baby Beach | Aruba Paradise

Paradisiacal! Is the word with which I can describe the incredible beauty of Baby Beach, located in Aruba Island, Caribbean Sea.

I went with my husband, —I love that he loves to travel, as well as me. We decided to spend a whole day at Baby Beach because it is far from the hotel zone, approximately 40 minutes by road.

How to get there?

We took a taxi service, which included pick up us in the late afternoon. However, you can choose to rent a vehicle. In addition, there is the public transport option from Oranjestad center with stop at San Nicolás bus station, this for a lower price than the previous ones.

baby beach aruba

Baby Beach

Once on the beach, I was amazed by crystal clear water, white sand and blue contrast. A perfect combination to be totally in love with that paradise called Baby Beach. —I love beaches without waves! so I enjoyed a spectacular day and took the opportunity to capture a series of photographs, which are protagonists of this publication.

baby beach aruba

I threw myself into the sand, relaxed and felt the wind caressing my face. Then I took my camera, I wanted it to immortalize in images what my eyes saw.

baby beach aruba

I was surprised by some beautiful seagulls approaching the shore. (As in initial photo) —If you give them food, they’ll have fun with you. These are known as laughing gulls and are characteristic of America, especially the Caribbean.

baby beach aruba

baby beach aruba

Being a beach without waves, allows a great access without the usual concern of sea depths.

baby beach aruba

At mid-afternoon, hand in hand with my husband, I walked to beach other end, a less crowded area, but also offers a beautiful panoramic.

baby beach aruba

baby beach aruba

Of course, Baby Beach is super romantic. Do not stop going as a couple! and enjoy until sunset.

Interesting data

  • Baby Beach is like a lagoon shaped like a half moon, with an artificial breakwater.
  • Perfect for snorkeling.
  • Calm and shallow waters, ideal for relaxation and children.
  • There is only one restaurant and few informal vendors. If you want to save on your budget you can bring food and drink.
  • Sunbeds, chairs and snorkeling equipment rental service is offered by locals.
  • Use of Churuatas (umbrellas) is free, knowing this is important to avoid any type of abuse.
  • Nearby, a refinery is located, but the beach is protected from pollution.
breakwater baby beach aruba
Artificial breakwater.

Final reflection

Be captivated by different shades of blue offered by this jewel of…

“One Happy Island”

Canon PC 1680 Camera. Personal Photographs.

I'm Smeralda! I'm passionate about travel and photography. My profession is engineering and my great dream is to travel the world.

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