bernabeu real madrid

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Icon of Real Madrid, is a spectacular stadium with capacity for 81,044 spectators, offers an interactive tour to its visitors, starting with a walk through the museum to the access to the football field. Today I want to share with you part of the photographs I took during the experience lived in the famous Santiago Bernabéu.

bernabeu real madrid

The museum

When we entered this area we were surprised by numerous trophies, plaques and memories that the selection has obtained throughout its trajectory, these are exhibited in different showcases. In addition, the museum has touch screens where we could interactively learn about the history, anecdotes and relevant journalistic publications of Real Madrid.

Advancing through the museum, we found a room with golden tubes. We approach and listen sounds allusive to the selection like the sounds of the stadium during games, goal narrations, hymns, among others. A sound played in each tube. It was great!

trofeos real madrid

muse real madrid

museo real madrid

museo franelas real madrid

Similarly, we observed the exhibition of players t-shirts: Casillas, Pepe, Ronaldo, James and others. As well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a stadium model and a screen where the photographs of the museum’s visitors are reflected. We take the respective photo and, of course, we hope to see the projected image.


copa fifa real madrid

maqueta estadio real madrid

Football field

Once admired the museum, we went to the Field. The access is through the stands, from where we had a magnificent view. Here I leave other photographs.

campo de futbol real madrid

campo de futbol real madrid

Dressing rooms

We go down the stairs and continue the tour with a walk through the dressing rooms and bathrooms. It really was a complete visit to the facilities.

vestidores estadio real madrid

vestidores real madrid

Technical Zone and Press Room

Passing through the same hall where the players make the parade of access to the field, we met the presidential box where we gladly sat down and came back to appreciate the magnitude and beauty of the Pitch. Finally, in the press room we had fun occupying the seats on the podium, simulating an interview with other visitors to the stadium.

Santiago Bernabeu is a place that deserves to be visited, nowadays it has new attractions.


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