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Do you give priority to your vacation?

It is common for many of us to associate vacation only with take a trip, we come to think that why take a break, if we are not going to travel? We forget to give ourselves a time of well-being disconnected from occupations.


Have you ever asked yourself if vacation are priority for you?

What is it for you to go on vacation?


vacation motivationVacation


For me, it is to leave the routine, to pause our usual daily activities to give our body and spirit a moment of relaxation: on the beach, in the countryside, in the mountains and why not? in our homes. To take time to share with family/friends without the study or work tasks.

There are those who usually enjoy time alone, connected with themselves to resume activities with the highest spirituality.

Either way our body and mind thank us a break. Many times we allow ourselves to be consumed by work and the desire to produce more money, displacing other important aspects of our lives, but time does not stop and over the years the energies are not the same.

Every so often you could consider:

  • Take time off from work.
  • Relax yourself.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Take a trip.
  • Share with your family.



So, what you decide to do that makes you happy, is valid. Wherever you want and with whom you prefer, because our body and spirit in harmony are the engine to drive our projects.


Balance is the key!


How do you like to enjoy your vacation?


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